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40+ World-Class Amazon Sellers, Optimization and eCommerce Experts will show you how to build successful brand, drive more traffic and increase sales on and off Amazon…

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You Get When You
Seller Optimization Summit Right Now...

We’ve brought together over 40 world-class entrepreneurs, professionals and eCommerce experts to give you a behind-the- scenes look at what it really takes to build a thriving FBA business and beyond.

Seller Optimization Summit was designed to give you a clear step-by-step process for increasing your Amazon product listing conversions, driving internal and external traffic to your listings and getting you to focus on where the profit is at!

Each speaker will open their playbook on what’s working to get you big results when it comes to product marketing and optimization. They will provide you actionable strategies with step-by-step advice you can implement immediately.

Sean Smith - Head of SEO & PPC Marketing, Co-founder at Jungle Hustle

Seller Optimization Summit SPEAKERS

We feature 40+ Experts & Online Entrepreneurs who will walk you through the step-by-step strategies, which will take your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Scott Voelker

The Amazing Seller

How to Build a Targeted Launch List in Your Market to Boost Sales and Rank in Amazon...FAST!

Anthony Lee

Sixleaf (ZonBlast)

5 Step Checklist to Successful Product Launch

Bryan Bowman

Amz Profit Pros

How to Get Traffic to Your Product Listing Using Facebook Ads

Franz Jordan


Keyword Research and Onpage Optimization

Manny Coats


Golden Nuggets for Amazon Sellers

Chris Rawlings

Judo Launch

The Big Picture: the Future of the Amazon Marketplace

Kevin King

Illuminati Mastermind

Top 5 Instant $$$-Making Tips

Brian Burt


"The Golden Equation”… The Magic Of External Traffic & Brilliant Follow Up

Greg Mercer

Jungle Scout

How to Scale Your Business and What Keeps Entrepreneurs from Moving Forward

Will Tjernlund

Goat Consulting

Vendor Central: Negotiating with Amazon, Managing Multiple Channels, Optimizing Purchase Orders

Manuel Becvar

Import Dojo

How to Optimize Your Product Packaging

Brian R Johnson

PPC Scope

3 Key Amazon PPC Strategies of 2017

Sean Smith

Jungle Hustle

The Consultants Guide to Amazon PPC

Sophie Howard

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Building Subscription Based Amazon Brand

Michael Hecker

Quantified Markets

External Traffic for Direct Sales and more Organic Reach

Suzan Hixon

The Private Label Lawyer

Building a Strong Brand on Amazon

Steve Chou

My Wife Quit Her Job

How to Transition from Amazon to Your Own Webstore

Kevin Rizer

Private Label Podcast

Double Your Conversion Rate, Triple Your Sales

Andrew Browne


How to Split Test for High-Impact Results

James Thomson

Prosper Show


10 Biggest Mistakes Even Experienced Amazon Sellers Make

Diane Boerstler

NLP Hypno Copy

3 Little Known Secrets to Writing a $100,000 Per Month Hypnotic Amazon Listing

Brad Moss

Product Labs


Input and Output Metric on Amazon

Lucas Kwiatkowski

BSR Marketing

5 Costly PPC Mistakes to Avoid on Amazon

Peter Kearns

eGrowth Partners


Amazon Leadership Principles - Best Practices Every Seller Must Follow

Victor Levitin

Crazy Lister

How Can Your eCommerce Business Survive And Win Amazon?

Shelley Simone

Scale for E-tail

Brand Love: How we build Brands that Consumers Love

Ivelin Demirov

River Cleaner

From Start to Finish: Creating a Product, Funding on Kickstarter, Selling on Amazon

Edward Wiley


Amazon is Coming to Australia: How to Prepare?

Ash Monga

IMEX Sourcing Services

Optimising Your Product Sourcing in China

Joe Dube


How to Lower ACOS Through Effective Keyword Bid Optimization

Taylor Benterud

Better AMS

10 AMS Hacks to Profit More On Amazon

Mike Zagare

PPC Entourage

Simple Strategies to Optimize your PPC Campaigns in 10 Minutes per Week

Cynthia Stine

eGrowth Partners

Keep Your Account Compliant So That You Can Grow

Josh Raines


Product launch to $32K+ revenue in 34 days

Jeff Cohen

Seller Labs

10 Things That Require Zero Talent

Shane Stinemetz


Major Pain Points of 6-7 Figure Sellers

Zach Tibbs

Amazon mAde eZ

Brand Management and Growth Strategy on Amazon

Jeremy Biron


Optimizing Inventory to Boost Your Revenue

Duncan Peters

Amazon Seller

Partnering with Influencer Scaled My Business From $7K to $70K per Month

Carina McLeod

eCommerce Nurse


How to Grow Your Business by Focusing on Customer Experience

Ashraf Ahamed


Amazon India - What You Need to Know, and How to Take Advantage of It

Danny McMillan

Seller Sessions

Guest Interviewer (5 Sessions)

Danny is the host of Seller Sessions the bi-weekly Amazon Webinar on advanced marketing. He has been guest speaker at The Smart China Sourcing Summit, The European Private Label Summit and The Private Label World Summit. Danny has appeared on numerous Amazon related podcasts along with contributing to industry bible



Originally from Lithuania, Augustas also hosted European Private Label Summit 2016, an online summit targeting Amazon sellers focused on Europe.

He likes to gather the best information about the world of Amazon FBA and report his findings to his audience. He has a passion for sharing ideas, strategies, blueprints and any information that can optimize a situation and make other people's lives easier and better overall!

What others are saying?

What a huge achievement!

I just want to say thanks for putting this whole thing together. What a huge achievement! I've only had time to watch a few sessions so far, but each and every one has been fantastic and will help us make more money (and some will save us money - which gives us the same result). I'm so glad that I bought the All Access Pass so I don't have to rush through them. Well done - you are awesome!!

Hilary Holliday (Australia)
Amazon Seller

Summit had really detailed and actionable information

I sign up for a lot of webinars that I never end up attending because I just don't get much out of them. Seller Optimization Summit had really detailed and actionable information I was able to use immediately. I had one tab open playing the summit and the other open to Seller Central implementing changes. My sales have already increased and the course has paid for itself! Thanks Augustas!

Leah Renee (USA)
Photographer, Amazon Seller

Well organised and full of new useful information

Just want to thank you for the great SOS17 materials. Despite i've attended a lot of online events in ecommerce, yours was really well organised and full of new useful information for me. I listened about 80% of your stuff.

Iryna Lysenko (Ukraine)
Seller in UK

I thought I already knew most of the chops. Nope.

After selling on Amazon for six years I thought I already knew most of the chops. Nope. I attended a few sessions of the summit and realized that I still got lots to learn. Thanks to Augustas for putting together a great line-up with excellent content. Looking forward to next year already.

Derek Dodds (USA)
Founder Wave Tribe

For the price of just over a month’s fees for Amazon Seller Central you will learn exactly how to:

  • Find Easier Ways to Leverage Your Business
  • Optimize Listings, Copy, Images and Product Launches
  • Minimize Ad Spend for Best ROI
  • Boost Your Sales with Influencer Traffic
  • Avoid Expensive Mistakes all Levels of Sellers Make
  • Increase Profits with New, Less Competitive Markets
  • Maximize Cash Flow, Sourcing, Inventory and Best Seller Opportunities

By the end of watching all the sessions you will be an Optimization Rock Star who will overtake the competition, skyrocket sales, build a profitable global FBA business easier and avoid expensive errors.


Money going up...its an INVESTMENT!

Instant access to all 40+ Seller Optimization Summit expert video sessions

We understand the challenges you are facing, so we know the value our speakers will give you so you overcome your Optimization Challenges right now.


You may be wondering if the $97 is worth it? Think about how much you spend on a launch, a giveaway or even product photography.

The experts on this panel have years of experience that can save you total heartache and major cash flow issues. Wherever you are right now - there will be experts that will answer your burning questions. From Optimizing your Listing to Mastering PPC and Global Brand Development, we have you covered.

It’s important to view this as an investment. In other words, you aren’t spending money, you’re making an existing revenue stream MUCH more profitable.

Get Access to All 40+ Sessions, Plus Exclusive Offers for...

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What you will learn in this EPIC Summit?

PPC Troubleshooters!

We have the TOP guys in PPC ads in Amazon who are normally $1000s+ an hour and you get them DIRECT to your laptop for a fraction of what you would normally pay. How many hours have you spent looking through your Search Term Report scratching your head or seen your ACOS go through the roof and struggle to reduce costs? You could easily make your Summit fee back by implementing just ONE of the ad strategies you will learn from our experts. How much could you save by taking action on more than one of these tactics? Spend time with these speakers, streamline your ads, avoid expensive bid blunders and action new profitable ad strategies.

Brand Boosters

Naturally your Brand is a critical key to your online success. One of our experts (Sophie Howard) has excelled in Building a Subscription Based Amazon Brand and will reveal how she did it. Can you imagine the power of this extra income stream alongside your Amazon profits once you’ve completed the Summit? Sexy! Brand is still key to future sales and success. Ensure you stay tuned for new Brand Management and Brand Love sessions to keep your customers coming back for more..

To Infinity & Beyond - Your Sustainable Profitable Enterprise

Now more than ever, building a solid, longer term business is important in this volatile economy. Yes selling cheap and fast can also work, but if you truly want to build a successful global enterprise, you have come to the right place. Our speakers will show you how to surpass your customers expectations with outstanding value, how to entice them into an off-Amazon structure with services and products they really want and will pay for and creating a sustainable, scalable, profitable and global business you will be proud of with a more than healthy bank balance.

Hidden Treasure in Your Dashboard

Discover the SHOCKING truth about how much money you may be owed by Amazon. Being a busy seller, we can miss the obvious and one of the tactics that will be shared could uncover a whole pile of cash sitting in the Amazon coffers that belongs to YOU!

All-Access Pass includes...

Instant access to all 40+ Seller Optimization Summit expert video sessions

You will get access to 40+ in-depth expert video sessions with world-class Amazon and eCommerce experts, including Greg Mercer, Scott Voelker, Anthony Lee, James Thomson, Brian R Johnson, Brian Burt, Bryan Bowman, Manuel Becvar and more. Watch every lesson from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Access to all the sessions in MP3 Format

We took each of the 40+ expert video sessions, and turned them into audio versions in MP3 format for your convenience (30+ hours of training), so you can download them on your phone, iPod, iPad or computer and listen to them whenever you want – in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere.

THE SELLER OPTIMIZATION SUMMIT EXPERTS are laser-focused on delivering advice you can use to see results. No matter who you are, implementing the strategies and action items the speakers recommend will give you results you can BUILD ON FOR LONG-TERM, LASTING SUCCESS.

Here are five MORE reasons to join

All sessions recorded and readily available to you, you can pause and take notes.


They are the world-class professionals in their fields so would cost heaps if you hired them all individually. Thanks you’ve SAVED $1000’s!

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