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Peter Kearns - Partner at eGrowth Partners

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Peter Kearns has steered the success of hundreds of eCommerce companies and brands in his career. He has more than 15 years of experience guiding and coaching businesses in advertising, marketing, and eCommerce, specifically the Amazon.com Marketplace. Peter is a former member of Amazon’s seller services team.

While at Amazon, Peter was held positions in strategic sales and sales leadership. During his time at Amazon he collaborated with hundreds of sellers and brand owners helping them successfully launch on the Amazon marketplace generating more than $300 million (and counting) in gross merchant sales.

Peter is currently a partner and director of brand and marketplace expansion with eGrowth Partners overseeing a series of services he created to help brands and eCommerce companies grow on the many Amazon marketplaces worldwide. Combined with the suspension prevention expertise of the other partners (formerly Online Sales Step by Step), his clients grow their business, stay compliant and avoid problems with Amazon. Prior to eGPs, he was director of customer success for Feedvisor.

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